Let your voices be heard

Welcome to this blog for Infant Mental Health and Early Childhood Professionals.  I’ve been working with families for 20 years, and sometimes I wonder what keeps me going.  Working with families and children who have suffered so much – from living in exteme poverty to parenting a child with such severe medical needs that you never know if he will make it from one day to the next, is a daunting and exhausting task for the helpers.  I always try and remember that I could never suffer as much on a daily basis as the families that I work with….but it is still so hard sometimes to remain positive.  So I have been trying to figure out ways in which I can take care of myself and give voice to not only the pain that I see, but also to the hope.  Sometimes your spouse or loved ones just cannot understand what you have to deal with at work, and so this space is being created for those of us who need to take a minute and just talk about our day with people who “get it.”  The jobs we have can be so isolating, as there may be days where I am unable to see a colleague.  I have found that being able to share with others who do the job can be comforting and validating….so welcome to all of you.  Please share your stories (being mindful of confidentiality), thoughts, ideas, articles, and anything you have that will help sustain us in our work.



  1. I just found your blog! I can feel the caring you have for children through your writing. It is terrific that you have created a way for other professionals that care about children to communicate. Congratulations!
    Due to feeling a dedication for children also, I created materials to help those that want to do the best for children. These brain development packets basically make it easy to provide love and play for young children everyday. If you would like to find out more about them you can go to a website I have created at http://www.braininsightsonline.com. Best wishes to you as you continue this valuable work!

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