Posted by: Beverly Davidson, LMSW | January 18, 2013

Car Survival Kit for Home Visitors

While driving around all over the county I get these random thoughts all day long. What comes to mind over and over again is how much time I spend in my car, and the fact that home visitors really should have a survival kit in their car to make life easier. So here are my tips from 23 years of home visiting work, and it is my short-list!

1) Hand-sanitizer (and of course hand-lotion for the subsequent cracked skin)

2) Baby Wipes (for those times you just need to clean your dashboard, hands, toys whatever…I personally like the Costco Kirkland brand because they thaw well after freezing).

3 ) Diapers – (yes, I said diapers….they are great for soaking up coffee spills, lunch while driving spills, and other random “oh, damn, I spilled it again” crap while you are multi-tasking on the road).
And if you work with babies, it is always nice to have extras to give out.

4) Car charger for your phone – again, obvious

5) Toothbrush and toothpaste – you never know when you’ll get called out for a late night nightcap to end a long day

6) Extra socks – (for long, cold sloshy winters)

7) Quarters – (for parking meters when you stop in for an afternoon coffee jolt at the local coffee shop and the random stop at the vacuum/car wash place when your client is not home)

8) Lavender spray – (great for soothing nerves and de-smoking yourself from all the 2nd hand smoke)

9) Water

10) port-a-potty (well, I’d have to invent a small enough one to fit in the trunk…and not make it gross….but sometimes there are no McDonald’s restaurants in sight)

11) “In Case of Emergency Envelope” – (well, I’m a safety freak….just in case you get stranded, lost, or worse, you should have emergency contact information in your car)

12) Music for the soul

13) Latex gloves – (there have been times I’ve had to peel unknown organisms off my pants from sitting on undesirable floors…..and universal precautions and all)

14) Band-Aids (I get a lot of paper cuts)

15) Extra gas cards – (don’t carry credit cards on home visits and traveling – just stick with cash and pre-paid gas cards)

16) Tennis shoes (when it’s a nice day and your client is not at home you can take a nice walk)

17) Portable filing cabinet for paperwork, resource information, etc.

18) A really good GPS system

19) Nuts, dried fruit, crackers, and other easy to stash food for all those times you don’t eat lunch because you are way too busy saving the world

I am really wondering what other home visitors might add to this….any other ideas for survival?


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