Posted by: Beverly Davidson, LMSW | January 15, 2013

Let’s Try Again

Well, a little over 3 years ago I attempted to start a blog for the infant/toddler/family field – for professionals and parents.  I had a few entries, some comments, then life got busy (oh, yeah, we had another baby enter our family, who is now 3!).  So, life gets busy and you forget about things.  So I want to try again, hoping to accomplish a couple of things.  One, I hope folks find it useful, inspiring, funny, hopeful, and there may be times it is sad, hard to head, and maybe even sarcastic.   The point is that sharing stories can offer a sense of peace for the writer and the reader, and what happens is that a union, of sorts, is created.  And then that union is shared, and so on, and so on.   Secondly, as a caregiving professional, I have to find a place for all that I see on a daily basis.  There’s got to be a way to make sense of it all.  Because if I don’t, I’m no good to the kids I work for, and definitely no good to my own family.  So certainly this is not completely altruistic on my part….but I certainly hope the care and concern and love that goes into these writings shine through.

A few weeks ago I made a comment on my a personal social media site about my day – which consisted of getting my pants stuck on a stool due to the “whatever the heck was that” was on it, seeing a python up close, and various other trials I encountered throughout the day.   It was a day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the magnitude of my job, and wondering “how the hell do I help in situations like this?”  There is no possible way this one particular kiddo will improve in the environment he is in.  Thank gosh I’m an idiot.  I’ve been back a couple times, and last week nothing short of a miracle….I received a greeting with his eyes when I entered, his parent brought me to the playroom (so glad it wasn’t the dreaded stool), and she sat on the floor next to him without me modeling that type of face to face play first (Yea, I thought, she remembered what we did last time!)  I saw more responses from the kiddo, a small glimmer in his eye, a tiny attempt at sharing joy with his parent.  She says she changed her work schedule so she can be home in the morning with him because that is his “good time.”  Hallelujah Chorus is ringing in my ears!  What an enormous sacrifice for a young parent to take, to switch jobs (to yet another low-paying, no benefit job) just so she can spend more time with her kid!

In just a few short weeks, some changes have been made.  Tiny progress has been noted.  Is it because of anything I said or did?  WHO CARES!  A parent is playing with her kid on the floor, looking at him, and trying really, really hard to engage a really, really hard kid who cannot always engage.

But, honestly, I did care.  I cared because it is important to me to believe that I can help someone connect with their kid, and can help their kid connect with a parent.  If I didn’t believe this was important and doable, I would have to seriously reconsider my career choice.  Thank the spirits above for that home visit.  The parking ticket I received was worth it (although I could do without the reptile).


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